Dylan Moran – Monster II

Opened: May 2004

Palace Theatre followed by a subsequent run at Wyndham’s Theatre


‘Witty – and wonderfully funny’

The Daily Telegraph

Unpredictable, startling, bizarre, elegiac, but above all brilliant and hilariously funny, DYLAN MORAN, star of Channel 4’s “BLACK BOOKS” and the blockbuster “SHAUN OF THE DEAD” is a master of comedy, combining his talents as an actor, writer and performer to incredible effect.

Don’t be fooled by his unkempt appearance, benign expression and softly spoken Irish brogue. Watching DYLAN MORAN perform live is an exhilaratingly unpredictable ride. At one moment an unexpectedly long silence has the audience in nervous suspense, then, suddenly they erupt into hysterical laughter.